Monday, May 2, 2011

Every year Jon gets together with the guys from high school for a weekend. I think I've mentioned before that we went to a small town school in southwest WA state. Although it is not so small anymore, we still consider that area to be one of the best places to raise a family and feel lucky that we lived there.

One year the guys met up at Whistler, BC, Canada for some skiing and another time it was in Vegas for golf. But because of busy family lives, careers, distance and cost, it seemed easier for them to get together at one of the guy's cabins back home. And since everyone is still in the area, having it there means it is more likely all of them would come.

This year Jon's response to the request to see who was interested was "maybe." He didn't know if we could squeeze it in with so much going on and didn't want to take away (financially) from the activities for our family. When I asked him if he was going, he just kept saying, "We'll see."

I told him it was fine with me, not that I would ever object anyway, but it really isn't that expensive of a trip. The flight is the biggest expense but you can always find good travel deals to Portland. And because my brothers live there, he stays an extra day to hang out with them to golf, play basketball and eat at one of our favorite local places. Luckily, he'll bring me back some of my favorite things from the Northwest too, besides himself. :)

Some may wonder why guys have a get-together and with tongue-in-cheek, we joke about this "man-cation." But I think men with long-standing friendships need to reconnect with each other just like old girlfriends do. Of course theirs involve golf, building bon-fires, fishing, and harassing each other only the ways guys can do but I would never discount their need for any of that. And, when you receive an e-mail like this, how can one refuse? We were touched.


We all passed the hat and are paying for your ticket. You can't is done. You're the only one that incurs any expense for our guys weekend and you have flown out three times now. It is our turn and that is that. I think Thursday night, through Sunday would be best. Flying in on Friday would work too. So, decide on the flight and give me your info so we can buy it. I know you're busy and it is not the money but we all want you there.


They still laugh over this photo.

Reese, 3rd from right, was a Kindergarten teacher who passed away suddenly in 1999. Jon was asked by his family to give the eulogy. We named our son after him.

Darr, who sent the email, is on the far right. Jon is 2nd from left.


  1. That is absolutely the most awesome of awesomee.
    It sounds like it is going to be a great time.

    Good for you for being encouraging.

    I hope he takes some good pictures so you can blog about it. (do guys take pictures?)

  2. Thanks and no, they don't take pictures. We always ask for them but they don't. We did manage to get one from last year from one of the guys! I think I'll ask Darr's wife to get a group shot before they leave the house for the cabin.
    Yeah, that's what I'll do - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This story made me tear up. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but what a touching thing for the guys to do for him.

  4. Did you ever ask yourself why Jack is lerking in the back of the picture? I think I ask Jack that everytime I see him.

  5. Hi honey! Too funny - poor Jack, pushed out of the pic. I imagine Benita had to have you guys squeeze in to get the shot so he stood in back.


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