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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

We're working on May baskets here to take to some ladies. They are not exactly baskets. We just make a cone out of paper, decorate and staple it together, tie a ribbon to hang it from the door and put a glad bag inside to protect the paper.

Then we add some flowers and voila - May basket...cone.

Did you ever do these when you were little?

It was one of my favorite things to do for my mom.

I'm sure it was hers too since she showed me how to do it and made it our tradition. We had huge lilac trees in our yard and so I'd fill a cone full for her. I also added in dandelions since there were many of those too but she always set them out the way I brought them to her, weeds and all.

I think with all of the baskets I see at thrift shops for just pennies, I could do baskets next year.

Note to self on that.

Now we're off to deliver.
Have a good day!

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