Friday, May 6, 2011

While I was watching the Royal Wedding, I heard a comment that stuck out in my mind. One of the television commentators had mentioned that in an interview a few years ago, Prince William (I mean HRH the Duke of Cambridge) said, "Never being able to say the word 'Mummy' again in your life sounds like a small thing. However, for many, including me, it's now really just a word -- hollow and evoking only memories." He was opening up about his grief and how he said, there is not a single day where he doesn't think about his mother.

I listened and could relate.

Although there have been moments when I realize I haven't thought of my mom in a day, and there really isn't sadness per se, I do understand the strange feeling it is not being able to call someone your mom or in my case, 'mama.'

I remember when I realized I would never get to send a Mother's Day card to her again. It surprised me that the loss of such a simple act, a tradition, would leave me feeling lonely. And then when I realized that I would never be getting those "daughter" cards, I was left feeling as if part of my identity had just slipped away.
I was at odds with myself over that, feeling very selfish. Those feelings were strange but honest.

But not one for self-pity, I decided that I would have to do something different for Mother's Day from now on and it would still be good.

When I was packing up and selling my mom's house, I found all kinds of cards she received, some dating back to the 50's that she had saved. I knew then that the recipient takes as much importance in them as is sent. So in addition to sending my mother-in-law a card for Mother's Day, I decided to mail out cards to a few other ladies that I know make the world go 'round for their families but I feel they should know that.
Some may think it's strange to send Mother's Day cards to someone other than family, but for me, I think it's a win-win.

Have a great Friday! I'm soooo glad it's here.

I wish I could send all of you cards, by the way.

Blair giving us her best Shirley Temple.


  1. A very touching post Laura Lynn and Blair is a real beauty !

  2. I have not read in a while and I love being all caught up now. Really I think you are the greatest. A wonderful mix of thoughtful, introspective, funny, and witty.

  3. Thanks Nonna!

    And thank you Mary, right back at ya!


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