Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have always felt that being called opinionated is not meant to be a compliment, which is one of the reasons I keep them to myself.

But if I were friends with these parents, I think I would have to ask questions.

Read this and see what you think.


  1. I am very opinionated (when it's a woman, she's opinionated, when it's a man, he's knowledgeable) Just my opinion, LOL

    I think this is simply nuts and I am very worried about this couple's children. Part of who we are is our gender identity. God created us as male or female and it isn't evil to take on certain roles and duties in life based on gender. To deny or neutralize a child's most basic image/ego/identity creates an outcast rather than a cogent, contributing member of society.

    There was a "Star Trek:TNG" episode on this subject of gender was very disturbing but really made you think about prejudice, alternate lifestyles and how society deals with those who rebel against "the Norm"

    Did you ever watch "Saturday Night Live" when they had an ongoing character name PAT and every skit situation tried to figure out if PAT was male or female ? It was downright creepy and confusing and this situation is the same.

  2. So true! It's only complimentary to males. (Although I have listened to opinionated men and they just sound obnoxious to me!)

    But anyway, this is the strangest thing I have heard. Even one of their little boys wants people to know he's a boy - isn't that him deciding already??

    And Pat - that was so funny and creepy.

  3. WHat is wrong with these people...
    really how confused will that child be.
    and this is their 3rd child@!!!@@@##@!


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