Monday, May 9, 2011

For Mother's Day this year my husband and kids actually planned ahead and had a surprise gift waiting for me. Let's just say they may have a history of forgotten dates but I'm not keeping track or anything...

Besides the three m&m cookie mix jars my youngest kids made me at our neighborhood Mennonite Bible Study class and the adorable trinkets and cards they made at church, Jon purchased all of the make-up, brushes, facial cleansers, creams, lip balms and nail polish I have been wanting. He had it all packaged up with ribbons inside a pretty bag. After I happily used some of it, I put it back in their boxes and bags and placed it in my room where I could organize it later.

After Jon went to check in on a sleeping Trae-man, I heard him say, "Oh no" and I knew that my barely used make-up had suddenly become very used. Seeing my new foundation all over the new-er, freshly laundered comforter nearly made me cry. Well, at least he didn't have time to get into all the other things. I am still working on stain removal. And, I have been thinking of changing the comforter for Spring/Summer anyway.

Yep, back to reality.

How was your day?


  1. Very sweet and thoughtful family...Reality bites but glad you had nice day ! Mine was very quiet, cards, flowers and phone calls from far and wide from our kids and grandkids. I got Eternity perfume from my Hubs, my favorite fragrance !!!

  2. Pretty hilarious. Great family.
    Sounds like your reality is pretty awesome!

  3. Oh no :( I think I would have cried


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