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Thursday, May 12, 2011

From time to time I hear someone say, "I have no creativity skills whatsoever." or "I could never think up something like that." There may even be some of you thinking that right now.

Well, when I hear that I always respond by saying that the creativity they seek is right there just waiting for them to tap into it. I guess you just have to give the ideas swirling around in your head a try and not worry about the outcome. And being creative is not just about paper, glue or thread. It can be the way you handle social situations or raise families, for example.

It all sounds a bit Yoda-ish but it's true. I think everyone has the ability to develop a skill (in this case creativity) and when you try and continue to keep at it, your new skill becomes a habit, and boom -consider yourself creative!

So I'll leave you with this quote and you can be on your way to unleash those ideas.

Have a good day!

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