Writing down the day

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not long ago, I found the receipt from my first mother/son date with Reese. I wrote a few memories of the night on the back of it and stuck it in a jewelry case that I no longer used.
I remembered writing on it at the restaurant because of something he said that was so cute. I thought I would transfer it to my journal later but I never got around to doing that.
I am happy that I kept that little paper for safe-keeping.

Now I keep a little notebook with me so I can jot down glimpses of my day, much of it being on the go. In between taking the kids somewhere and waiting for them, I like to record little things I don't want to forget about them or people I meet and the circumstances in which I meet them. I also write down inspirations for a photo or just thoughts which are usually sparked by something I had just seen.

It could be about anything, really.

While it's not the personal, full-blown journal version, it does allow me an easier way to chronicle our daily life and helps me remember when I want to go back and expound.

And sometimes, I just like it as is.

Saturday's notes for example:

Jon - working all weekend. Brought home Rita's for everyone.

Supposedly the end of the world at 6:02 pm today but now it is 6:24 and we're still here. Reminds me of the REM song.

Watched as Belen and Reese held hands walking into K-Mart {love it} Sweet moments.

Trae changed his shirt 4x today. He likes to be fashionable these days. Belen said he'll be the next Ralph Lauren - nice prediction!

Charley is at Gabby's birthday party - wrote a song for her as part of her gift & is performing it tonight. Can't wait to hear about that.

Reese went around the neighborhood and sold some of his Pokemon cards - made 6 dollars! Quite the business man.

Blair played outside with McKenna and Trae-man all day - says she's old enough to be in charge of "little kids."

Planted some more flowers - A sunny day all around!

Do you have a way of writing down the everyday?

(Besides blogging?)

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