Cart wars

Friday, June 3, 2011

If you click on the picture, you'll get a better idea of her cute-ness.

Yesterday Blair and I headed out to do a little shopping together. I told her as we got out of the car not to ask for anything. These kids think I am made of money.

Anyway, as we got out, I looked to make sure we were in the clear in the parking lot. Blair took a step ahead of me but since there were no cars, I just bridged the gap a little and didn't ask her to hold my hand.
We were right in the middle of crossing when the wind kicked up and blew my hair right into my face. I turned my face toward the wind so my hair would blow back and just then I saw a car come barreling right into the parking lot, directly at us.

She turned in from the street and was cutting across so she came through at an angle cutting the corner. I quickly took Blair's hand and pulled her back, watching the girl pass right in front of me, just mindlessly driving, not bothering to slow down even a little or rather, stop for a pedestrian.

As she passed by she looked at me as if I were the one who was in her way. I just shook my head and told Blair to watch out for people like that. "People like what?" she said.
"People who think they own the road and will run you over to get to where they're going."

(That could be a metaphor for other things, come to think of it.)

After 15 minutes of perusing a few aisles in the store, I stopped to look at something and noticed someone coming down the aisle toward me. I moved my cart over to where I was looking because I hate it when people park their cart on one side and then move themselves to the other side of the aisle, essentially blocking the whole row.

So I made sure I wasn't in any one's way and kept one side of the aisle open.

The person kept coming toward me and stopped at the front of my cart. I assumed she was looking at something on the shelf too and didn't pay much attention.

In my peripheral vision, I could see she was just standing there so I looked over and recognized her as the oblivious, barreling car driver. She gave me a slight smile. I went back to looking toward the shelf and she continued to just stand there. I looked back at her again and realized she was waiting for me to get out of her way. Blair, waiting for me to catch up, was standing near this person.

I never rush people. If I'm in a store and notice someone taking a long time looking or know that they don't see me, I'll turn around in the aisle and come up the other end so I don't rush them.

Or at a stop light, if the driver in front of me doesn't notice the light turned green, I'll wait to see when they figure it out. They will eventually and already feel stupid that they weren't paying attention, so no need for me to lay on the horn and make them feel even more dumb. I don't like that.

So as I was hesitating to move, hoping she would just go around where there was plenty of room, Blair said, "Come over here mom, you're gonna get run over so she can get to where she goes."

Oh snap.


  1. Brilliant, darling child...what would we do without their innocent, right on comments ?!!!

  2. SHE IS CUTE!!!! Send her my way please.

    Scary! Sometimes I just want to scream at careless drivers.

    Uh, you're not made out of money?
    I don't get it.

  3. It would have been so hard not to say something snarky! I think Blair is filled with awesome!


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