Eyebrows in question

Friday, June 10, 2011

We just happened to be goofing around and now I have a recent snapshot with the eyebrows in question!

Every time I go get my haircut, I am asked if I want to have my eyebrows waxed and every time I say, "No thanks."

Do you think they are trying to tell me something?

Come on, at least they are not this bad. I think birds could build a nest in there.

Have a good weekend!

***I will be at the Relay for Life event tonight and tomorrow for The American Cancer Society. My father died of Cancer at the young age of 61 so this is a personal event for me.

This is our second year with this team headed up by the the best coordinator ever, Annie Sierer. Last year our team recieved the most money raised award, largely due to her efforts.

If any of you are in the area, we will be at Lower Dauphin Highschool in Hummelstown/Hershey. Kickoff begins at 4 pm today and runs all day Saturday, June 11. Bring the kids for all kinds of fun and goodies at the booths. You can even get a Pickle-on-a-stick! Our leg of the race is at 2 am and will also be working the concession stand tomorrow.

I will be the one with the bushy eyebrows...


  1. I think your brows are lovely !

    I get mine waxed every time I get my hair colored and it still hurts as much as the first time...what we women do for beauty...

    Have a great time at the Relay for Life !!!

  2. I go to someone and have them done... for some reason I don't trust the ones that just do it right there while you're getting your hair done in the salon. I want someone that knows what they're doing and that takes their time to do them right.

  3. I totally need to go get mine done!!! Love yours!!

  4. They are obviously trying to milk your money...your eyebrows are perfection!

  5. Your eyebrows are fine!!! I do need a clean up every once in awhile!
    My dad died to of cancer, he was 64.
    Hope you all raise lots of money!

  6. Love the brows! I think mine are a little like the second photo:) Best wishes on the fund raising! I do wish cancer could be eradicated!!! Melody

  7. Well, maybe Petco could offer you a trim.
    EEK! Those eyebrows on the guy are beyond ickyness.

    Hope the relay went well.

  8. I think your eyebrows are fabulous with a great natural arch.


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