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Sunday, June 19, 2011

On the Saturday before Father's Day we always have a scavenger hunt for Jon but because of all the happenings over the weekend we decided to wait until next week. I'll be sure to tell you what we do because they are always fun and create lots of memories for us. So this weekend we were on the go - here's the recap.

Girl's camp is soon approaching so we spent the weekend in prep for that. On a whim, Jon and I threw together a garage sale on Saturday and Reese and Blair wanted a sno-cone stand, so we set that up which was a big hit. I see more of those in our future Saturdays. Note to self: buy more blue raspberry syrup.

Belen was asked to speak on Perseverance at one of her best friend's surprise birthday dinner, which she said, was a wonderful experience.

Charley had play practice for the stage show, "Footloose." She is really excited for it but bummed also because she was cast as an adult who opposes dancing. She wanted to be part of that 80's teen angst and dance! I can't say that I blame her...

After seeing creative cupcakes all over the place, I wanted to get in on the action and make cupcake hamburgers (which look more like sliders) for Father's Day. I stole the idea from Cupcakes take the cake and Bakerella. I baked all day. The Twin Kiss restaurant, which is a local burger, shakes and fries place, was so nice to give me the french fry baskets. The basket completes the meal, I mean, dessert, don't you think?

And then at the end of the day, I found a little reminder from Trae-man when I opened up the fridge. It gave me a huge smile and so I left them there for someone else to enjoy the same surprise.
It was a reminder that through all of the craziness of life and the work that goes into raising children -special moments like these give me pause to be thankful and provide a little more energy to do it all again tomorrow.

Happy Father's Day!

See you next week.


  1. Trae was crakin' me up today in church walking around the pulpit!

  2. Oh my gosh - that kid!! He is so funny and did not want to leave his dad's side but I think he liked looking over everyone!

  3. You're a busy mom! Your dessert looks great! The cars in the fridge make me smile.

  4. Darling post Laura Lynn...that mock dessert burger is just fab ! My boys used to leave cars and action figures in odd places like that...brings back some sweet memories !


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