Lavender harvest and sugar scrubs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As you brush by the lavender in the garden, a light scent of the flowers fill the air. I've always wanted to have a field of lavender, if for nothing else, the color.
I want them to grow more full and lush next year so I cut them back and harvested a portion over the weekend.
After cutting, I began to wonder what I was going to do with them so they wouldn't go to waste.
I've dried them to use as scented drawer liners and have tossed them into lemon cookies.

But this time I thought I'd whip up some sugar scrub. It was quick and easy and the best part, inexpensive. I used a small jar to make an amount that we could easily use so there was really no measuring.

I just poured regular sugar into the jar and added some olive oil. After doing that, I remembered that I still had coconut oil from making lip balm with the girls, so I added a few dollops of that as well as a dash of vanilla extract.

The coconut tamed the olive oil and by infusing some lavender, it added another layer of scent. Having an aversion to strong smells, especially highly perfumed ones, I don't use a lot of perfumes. This all blended nicely creating a mild, yet "fresh" scent as quoted by my husband.

After stirring to get a consistency that I liked which was not too dry but not too watery either, (Sorry, I am so not scientific!) in about 5 minutes, I had my own sugar scrub.

I tested it out on my hands and arms and loved the scent. I also like the way it left my skin glistening. My little girl loved the scent also so she tried it and asked if her hands were going to smell that good forever. When I said no, she said, "Darn!" So I guess it's a hit.

Try some of your own today!

Have a great day - it's the last day of school for us.

I'm so happy that I get a break from driving back and forth everyday to 3 different schools, all at different times, for a while!


  1. You are so multi talented...that is so easy to make. I have paid a pretty penny for scrubs in the past but no more...and these would make great gifts...thank you so much for sharing !
    BTW, I could almost smell that beautiful lavender !

  2. In cookies??????
    Who knew? (not me anyway)

    The scrub looks so inviting.
    It is a pretty flower.

  3. I keep wanting to try lavender or rosemary bread with mine. I always love your ideas.

  4. You make me want some Lavender. I have worked at a greenhouse for 10 years and never purchased any. Maybe I should...

  5. A-MA-ZING. you. I also love the pictures of the Congers. you're so talented!

  6. Dang Mrs. Creative! I am so impressed with your skills. Carrie gave me a lavender plant and I'm excited for it to grow! I gotta make me some of that sugar stuff and get my scrub on!


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