Monday, June 27, 2011

While I was at girl's camp working from sun up to sun set and wishing for a little break from the humidity, (you should have seen my hair! If you're familiar with the "Friends" episode where Monica's hair keeps getting bigger and bigger in the humidity - it was like that.)

my older brother, Brett, was snorkeling from sun up to sun set in Maui.
He always was a lucky sucker.


  1. Girls camp or snorkeling in Maui...hmmm...what to choose! Hope you had fun at girls camp.

  2. Ya, you totally drew the short straw.
    Girls camp is a blast don't get me wrong.
    But Hawaii? WOW is all can say.

    I do hope you took a picture of the Monicahair. (sounds like a chair doesn't it)


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