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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am taking a break from working on the boys' room today.

Having two boys share a room can be challenging in many ways. Besides the space challenge or when one doesn't want the other there, another challenge is trying to incorporate both of their "likes" which vary when you are six years apart. Reese is pretty specific on what he wants to display while Trae is just happy to be there and allowed on the top bunk from time to time.

Lately, Reese and Trae both like Bay Blade toys although I am not up to decorating a whole room with them. A bucket full on the dresser is good enough. It is fun to hear Trae ask Reese to battle with him, though.

So, I am taking down all of their things, setting them on the floor and choosing what is staying. While I am at it, I am tackling the closet which is another day of work.

Reese likes his pennants and vintage paint-by-numbers paintings (yay!) but is on the fence about his Little Wonder Books tin box. We'll see how it works out. All I know right now is that they have too many toys and clothes so we'll be taking a trip to the donation bin.

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  1. CUTE ideas!
    I love them.
    Ya, that would be a challenge.
    I tried to put my 2 year old daughter with her big sister. She was only 12 years older. The big sis didn't love it at all.


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