Weekend walk

Monday, June 13, 2011

It was a packed weekend but The Relay for Life event was a success. We enjoyed making a (small) contribution by working the concession stand for our team a little while on Saturday and walking the track in the middle of the night.


I took this picture at last year's race. Our leg of the relay was at 2 am this year so I didn't have my camera this time around but it looked exactly the same.


Jon and the kids

There were plenty of kid's games to keep them entertained and we came home with armfuls of stuffed animals.

Blair won

And this event, which is just one from all around the country, raised over $138,000.00.

I think we'll be with this team for a long time. Our part was very small compared to so many others who began organizing months and months ahead of time. But it's nice to be a part of it no matter what. I am thinking of creating a team for the event that is held right in my town. It takes a lot of time and commitment but I'm hoping that we can start something and have ourselves a little booth. Baby steps.

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