Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do you have favorite words?

As a kid I used to read the dictionary hoping to become a spelling bee champion. And then I was in one and purposely misspelled a word when I got nervous. I thought it would be better to intentionally misspell rather than actually misspell, somehow that would have been less embarrassing? A 5th grader's train of thought is my only defense.

So some of my favorites are: ameliorate, shenanigan, meander, hippopotamus, waft, ineffable, foliage, facetious, drift, fetching, dashing and awesomesauce.

I also like the way my kids say words which I don't correct because I enjoy hearing them so much and know they'll figure it out eventually. Like the way Blair says "Avopacado" for Avocado. I think it sounds better her way.

I don't know why I like my words- they are just fun to say. I mean, can you not say shenanigan and awesomesauce without smiling?? I can't.

Word up.


  1. I love avopacado too.
    I won't look at an avo the same way ever again.

  2. My son used to say "eat store" for restaurant. I love kid words/phrases.


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