Again with the entry way mirror - Friday finds

Friday, July 15, 2011

I noticed a few weeks ago that there was a new thrift store in town so I put it on my radar. I finally got the chance to visit and was pleasantly surprised by their inventory of vintage and antique items as well as most of their prices. Again I was drawn to the mirror and old frame section. I had to put blinders on when it came to the furniture.

When I was looking for a mirror to go in our small entry way, I originally wanted an oval shaped piece since the staircase, wall and doorway are so boxy. Because I couldn't find one, I settled on the rectangular mirror but still wasn't feeling it. Then I found the oval one at the new shop for $2.99 so I took it home to see how it would look. I know bold/ornate patterns aren't every one's favorite but if you were me, which mirror would you prefer?

Have a good weekend, ya'll!


  1. I would go with the oval one. It's a nice contrast to the angular stripes. And $2.99? What a deal!

  2. $2.99 what a steal!!! I would go with the oval mirror- looks great against the paint.

  3. Seriously, only $2.99! Couldn't pass that up!

  4. You have to tell me where that thrift store is, and I say the oval one too.

  5. Oval for sure. It looks beautiful!

  6. Yup, oval. I love it!! I want it!

  7. 2.99!!! It's gorgeous!! I would do the oval. I like how the frame points up like the chevron stripe and makes the eye keep moving.
    Great find!

  8. I think they are both gorgeous, but I prefer the oval. It speaks to me.

    You totally scored.

  9. I'm seriously Jealous! What a steal! I love them both, but I say go with the oval!


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