Face fotos

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When I was in college, my roommate coined the term "face photos" for me when she was looking through my pictures and said, "You like to take face photos." Whenever we were goofing around and taking pictures of friends, we would yell, "Face photo!" and everyone would mug for the camera to get ready for their close-up.

I enjoy getting close ups of people, especially children. I know this can be disconcerting for adults. I am the first to admit that. When I was 20, it was no problem but now, yikes! So I understand the desire for a little light airbrushing and not wanting someone to get too close.

But with these photos, had I been far away from my children, I would have lost a little something in their expressions which would have resulted in just a regular photo and not my new favorites.

Trae came into my office in the morning donning his 3D glasses and unkempt hair. He said "Hi mom. I got glasses." Luckily my camera was on the desk and he just stood there letting me snap a few.

I was taking pictures outside when a sudden rain drenched us. I ran for cover since my camera was exposed and when I turned to see if Reese was going to get the door behind me, I saw him standing under the clogged gutter with eyes closed tightly, thoroughly enjoying the deluge.


While Blair was looking out the window, I focused in on her waiting for her to turn. When I said her name, she responded, "Hmmm?" turning toward me but still with the soft expression from what she was observing out the window.


These photos make me happy.

Try to get out and take some happy close-ups for yourself!


  1. What beautiful shots! You're right--I think a close, tight shot really captures something special. You have gorgeous kiddos!

  2. I just love your kids! I think these pictures PERFECTLY capture their unique personalities.


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