Fourth recap

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We had a very full Independence day - okay, not really.
The absence of family makes it such that we really don't put effort into a barbecue or anything. So, we had spaghetti. The kids don't mind. All they are concerned with are the pyrotechnics. And being some what of a pyro myself, I look forward to them as well.

We did have a backyard campfire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. We also hosted a couple of sleepovers for the kids. The neighborhood kids were in and out of our door all day, going between their swing set and ours and grabbing watermelon along the way. It took all my effort to keep Trae from streaking out in the yard. I had to go collect his clothes a few times. He's become somewhat known as the naked baby of the neighborhood.

When the sun went down we were ready for the fireworks display. It was a little late before we got to them which I'm sure made the neighbors happy. Jon lit the fireworks in the middle of the street and all the kids would yell "car" when they saw headlights coming.

It was very mullets and drinking cap-ish but a whole lotta fun.

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  1. We were very mulletish too. In the middle of the road lighting the fireworks with a blowtorch.

    Ya, sounds like the perfect day. Spaghetti would be the best. In fact you just gave me an idea for dinner.


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