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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Although I've mentioned working at our local fair, I wanted to touch on another aspect before I move on to house projects. (Those are a coming! I have furniture outside right now to work on.)

Last week was a long work week which piled on top of another. But truly, my favorite aspect of every job I have had, is finding more out about people, their lives and stories and what got them to whatever point they are in their lives, except for the time I worked on a government health study through UCLA for the state of CA.

In that job I spoke with a large cross section of people from movie producers to welfare recipients to the elderly and average working citizens and college students. In particular I remember a young, disabled couple who, when I spoke with them, I had to yell because the 5 o'clock train sounded as if it were coming right through their living room and made it feel as if the house were going to fall from the shake. We had to wait for the train to go by to resume our conversation.

The movie producer's mansion could have housed many large families without ever running into each other whereas the disabled couple had barely enough room in the home to use their wheelchairs freely. I was depressed after talking with them that night. I was always getting in trouble with my boss because I was supposed to stay clinical and distant to keep the study unbiased but I just couldn't do that.

My nature is to listen and when prompted, offer advice and hope. I'm not a black & white, yes or no type so hearing their plight and having to remain silent was torture. Mostly because I could do nothing, not even say "I'm so sorry." It was especially hard when some sounded lonely and wanted to talk. Although I couldn't engage, I did so anyway, very subtly but because the conversations were recorded I still got the "talking to" later. It was worth it though and I still stand by my opinion that people who trust you to be non-judgmental will open up but the researchers say that people who trust you don't want to disappoint so they will give false answers. Who knows.

What I do know is that everyone has a story to tell and everyone has something important to offer. I have written about that many times but it is a topic that I like to explore over and over. Some may require more patience of me it is true, but their offerings are there.

This week was no different in a way. Some of those interesting and colorful people I met had it more difficult than others and were just enjoying a day out at a simple community fair. Some were happy-go-lucky and came back just to chat so we did and rested our tired feet on the foot massagers.

About two months ago I was hired to be a PR/marketing director for a Chiropractic office, which is who I worked for at the fair. I still have my own business which I am growing but this job, being 95% from home, was too good to pass up.
My mission is to get the Doctor speaking engagements, help build the practice within the community, get people to pay more attention to their spinal health and thereby increase revenue.

But through that I get to do the one thing I like more than anything, convert a stranger to a friend.

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  1. Your life is full and interesting my friend.
    I bet you are so good at what you do!


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