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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I watched "Picker sisters" last night. Pretty girls but they need to work on negotiating skills. Their ideas were cool though.

I was driving home from Hershey and watched a guy almost take out a pedestrian crossing sign and veer into traffic about 10 times. Those must have been pretty important texts. We called the non-emergency police number to report him but we got their answering machine.

About a month ago I bought a child's vintage desk and chair at a yard sale for 5 buckaroos. I put them in the shed so I'd have a little time to break the news to my husband whom I sort of promised I wouldn't drag anything home for a while. He found it and just laughed. ("A while" is a month in my language so I kept my promise, right??)

I am painting the chair and desk to use in photos this weekend.

Then last week I found a mid-century dresser that's worth about 8 times what I paid and now Jon is checking out furniture wherever we go. He even stopped for me when I spotted another piece in a pile of stuff marked "free" in someone's yard.

He's converted.

Our backyard neighbor felled a tree and didn't want the wood so our other neighbor volunteered us to take it. So now we'll be set for winter. Gotta love your neighbors!

I have been riding my bike all over town and love it. It makes me happy.

Jon and I ducked out for sushi two times this week.

My dog escaped when Trae opened the door to share his Bugles with the kids next door. The dog went joy running all over the neighborhood. She's fast.
Good thing I've been riding my bike.

And now I am running out the door to deliver a cake.

Have a good day!


  1. Great find on the chair...can't wait to see what you do with it. Sweet, precious photo of the pup and your son napping !!!

    BTW, your Hubs is a real keeper !

  2. I need to convert my husband. He still isn't after all these years. My friend says, "Implement right away so he won't notice." I'm bad of implementing right away. What a cute post from an adorable lady. I want sushi!!! Love you loads.

  3. Such a great picture! It speaks volumes :)


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