Basement fix

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After the little flood in our basement, we spent the weekend ripping out the rain-soaked carpet and let the floors dry. We only have one more room to dry out and we should be good. Two of our good friends are letting us borrow their dehumidifiers and they are working like a charm!

We are now finishing the tear out of the 70's linoleum and vanity in the bathroom. It was on the chopping block anyway so the flood just sped up the process which was good (in that respect.) We'll have to replace small parts of the drywall but luckily not all of it.

The concrete was so wet underneath that the glue didn't even put up a fight when we lifted up the flooring. We did nearly have a fiasco with the installation of the commode (not a fan of the word toilet) but we remedied that situation, whew!

I'm keeping my budget at $200.00 for the basement bathroom fix and because of a few good deals, (I bought the vanity 2 months ago at Home Depot for $15.00 - floor model.) I am well under budget. So that leaves more to play with for the fun stuff like this bath mat I ordered. Priorities.


  1. Where did you find that bath mat? I'm still looking for a rug for my "dining room turning into a library" room. A chevron rug would be so cute but this may/may not work. Gosh, I need you here to help me!!!!!

  2. West Elm. They are having a sale right now. I'm sending you the link on Facebook for the chevron patterned rugs! Love you!


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