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Friday, September 30, 2011

Canvas art - a quick & easy DIY

I had a harebrained idea at midnight last night, or I guess this morning, to get a project checked off my list. So, I gathered a few supplies, sat down at the kitchen table and got to work.

A while ago I mentioned that I was going to make my own canvas prints. While you really can print on canvas right through your home printer, I was working with actual photographs. I was determined to get the look of canvas prints without the high price tag. Call me cheap...or smart - whichever you prefer.

Quality gallery wrapped canvas can be expensive. An 11 x 14 with an inch gallery wrap averages about $60.00. You can find discounts here and there but once you start figuring in the thickness of the wrap or custom edge colors, it can increase the price. The work is beautifully done but frankly, I would need 5 and that's $300.00 I could spend elsewhere. Thanks to my beautiful friend, Alysa, she saved me a ton of dough! I followed her instructions and this is how it went.

Paint the sides of the canvas if you wish, even going over on the top sides of the canvas. Let dry. I used leftover paint from the boys' room.

Using a paintbrush, brush Mod Podge over the entire canvas area.

Place picture on the canvas and glue down. I smoothed it out with my hands. Just make sure they are clean - no oils on the picture. You may also want to use gloves for handling photographs.
Turn over and trim excess with an exacto-knife. My pictures were 11 x 16 but the canvas was 11 x 14 so I had a little to trim.

Now, take the Mod Podge and paint the entire surface of the photograph. Don't worry, just keep spreading the glue and remember Mod Podge is magic! I used a sponge paintbrush but next time I think I'll use a better quality brush.

While one is drying, you can go on to the other. I became slightly impatient since it was now 1 AM so I took the hair dryer and sped up the drying time. If you do this, don't get too close to the picture. I just gave it a quick once-over.

And then after it's dry, you can enjoy your "canvas like" prints for a fraction of the price!

If you are looking for someone to take a high-resolution photograph so that you can do this, just let me know, I'd be happy to snap away.

Total spent:

2 pk canvas $7.99

11 x 16 prints, $6.99 each (used a 30% coupon)

Mod Podge $2.69

paint brush $1.00

Total: $27.19, including tax

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Carrie said...

I saw that tutorial and it has been on my to do list. They turned out beautiful.

I went to work on it one day and couldn't figure out my print've inspired me to try again!

The Conger's said...

OOOOhhh, I love it!

Christie said...

Those are beautiful! I was up late last night/this morning too, but not doing anything nearly as productive or cool as you.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my goodness!
That is brilliant!
I'm so impressed. I've always loved that look.
Thanks for sharing!

Campbell Family said...

Laura, I love it! You make it look so easy! You inspire me.

Nonna Beach said...

Those look so professional and beautiful...great job. I do some of my best work at odd hours too !!!

Jaime said...

Wow, Laura! They look AMAZING! :)

Savannah McQueen said...

Way to go! I love it and they were inexpensive, too! Very very nice.

Savannah McQueen said...

After seeing your site and enjoying this canvas photo you created I wanted to send you an email inviting you to join my Secret Blog Pal event. But I couldn't find your email. If you are interested here is the link -
Feel free not to post his comment. I;m not trying to spam your blog. I just wanted to invite you.

deborah said...

Amazing! I think you have inspired me. What a great gift for all of my children. I think I will start taking pictures of the grandkids now. haha you remind me of myself...always starting a project after midnight! I found you on Between naps on the porch.

Rica said...

Love It! I cant wait to do this with my pictures thanks for sharing this tutorial.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I absolutely LOVE this project!!! They look like the real deal--ordered from one of those online canvas shops. :)

lc said...

Did you use modge podge for the glue, or just regular elmer's glue?
Love this look!

Laura Lynn said...

Hi! I just used Mod Podge. So easy!

jesigry said...

Laura did you use printer paper or photo paper? I am so pumped about making these for Christmas Gifts

Riley Abigayle said...

Does the photo have to be a laser print photo?

Kanne said...

did you use a glossy or matte photo? thanks in advance!

Laura Lynn said...

The prints are on regular photo paper and were a matte finish. Hope that helps!

Lynsey Tapp said...

did your print get wrinkles in it? Mine did and I'm not sure what I did wrong. Printed at Office Depot.

Laura Lynn said...

No wrinkles but you have to use photo paper. I ordered a matte poster print from CVS. You will get wrinkles if you use copy paper. Hope it works out Lynsey!

The Riggins said...

Found this on pinterest a month or so ago thinking it would take a lot time. I bought all my supplies today and had the picture printed at Walgreens and gave myself about an hour to do this project. The best only took 10 minutes!! The picture looks awesome and I had time to spare!! Thanks so much for sharing!

stacy morrison said...

How simple this is and yet it looks so beautiful, i liked your painting and want to put it in my home, thanks for sharing this neat canvas art.

wall art

Sandra Salts said...

Awesome job! I am going to try this using 4 smaller pics on one canvas.
I hope mine turns out as good as yours did. Thanks for sharing.

Angel said...

You said you should've used a better quality brush when putting the mod podge glue over the picture. What type where you thinking? I'm about to start this project this week.

Wish me luck!

inmanj7 said...

I'm wanting to do this for a bathroom that has a shower. Do you think it will work okay or do you think the steam will affect it in a bad way?

Thanks :)

inmanj7 said...

I am wanting to do this project for my bathroom that has a shower. Do you think it'll be ruined due to the steam from the shower or will the mod lodge covering it keep the steam out?

Thanks :)

Bethany Gustin said...

Where did you buy the canvas 2 pack? I'm trying to find some to do this...I love this idea! It's genius!!