Weekend recap, magazine jackpot

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Over the weekend

...Jon took the dog to the vet and the kids to a magic show at the elementary school. Magic show=free, vet=not so much. I stayed home with Reese who was in one of his cycles and was in no shape to be out in public. He usually snaps out of it within a half hour but it is a half hour that makes me want to run away screaming to the hills. I literally thank God everyday for two parent's examples of strong resilience and inheriting a tiny bit otherwise his illness would have done me in long ago.

...I worked at the library and eyed a bunch of books I'd like from the book fair.

...talked to a dear friend in SC for over an hour. We had a bunch of catching up to do. Don't you love friendships where you can be right back where you left off even if it was a few years ago?

...we went with two other couples to a Thai restaurant. It was the best food I have had in a loonnng time. I mean seriously good.

...I dyed the curtains, aka drop cloths. I bought seal gray RIT dye even though I liked the natural color of the canvas but didn't like how yellow it became when the light came through. Unfortunately the process was a failure and I don't care for the color now so back to the original I go.

...went to church and taught the kids during sharing time in Primary. They make me laugh. You inadvertently learn a lot about their families by what they say. So funny. Your family stories are safe with me. Note to self: remind my kids - mum's the word!!

...washed loads of laundry at the laundromat. I don't mind the laundromat at all and rather enjoy washing everything in one fell swoop. I also like saying "one fell swoop."

I always take a bunch of magazines to donate and the manager at the laundromat lets me take home as many as I want. To my surprise someone donated a bunch of Country Home magazines which made me happy. I think they were one of the best shelter mags out there; a perfect blend of modern and country.

So tomorrow (tonight) after everyone has gone to bed, I am going to pop some popcorn and be giddy while thumbing through pretty pictures.


  1. I love your random thoughts!!!! Totally delightful.
    Sorry about the curtain failure. I bet they really did look good.

    Ah, Primary, yup, the worst kept secrets in the world.

  2. That's nice - I was thinking they were spastic!

  3. I love the Country Home Magazine! My mom always had a subscription until a few years ago. The last time I was there (when Ravenna was 17 months!) I picked up a Country Home and was nearly halfway through the magazine before I realized it was from the 90's! What tipped me off? Floral Wallpaper.


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