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Monday, October 10, 2011

When we would take family vacations my mom always looked for souvenirs that wouldn't end up in the junk drawer. Inevitably, we came home with a big eraser, snow globe, coin purse or fool's gold, but she wanted us to have some lasting memories, besides the photographs. Her choice - charms for bracelets.

They were not as easy to find as the "I walked across the Mississippi river" sticker we got in Park Rapids, MN, or the Indian jewelry throughout New Mexico, but that just made it more fun to look. It was especially fun when the name of the location was part of the charm itself.

I don't make it a point to collect them but if I happen to find an old charm bracelet, I'll look to see if it has any significance like a place we have vacationed or somewhere we have lived. Charms in shape of states or the ones of child silhouettes with a name and year engraved on the back, are especially nice even though I have no idea who they are.

A few of mine: This was from Yellowstone Park. My mom had my dad stop by the side of the road so she could feed a bear marshmellows. Other travelers stopped and video taped her doing this while we watched from the camper. She was a bit of a daredevil.

This bracelet from France is one of my favorites which reminds me of our whirlwind trip to Paris. We won the plane tickets and jetted off without any real plans on where to stay which is probably why we ended up in a not-so-nice-part of Paris. One night, Bastille Day to be exact, we jumped off the bus after midnight and watched the Parisians look in horror as we exited the bus. Their faces said it all so we ran all the way to our hotel between dark alleys, broken windows and boarded up buildings. It was scary and thrilling at the same time.

I recently found this charm for just $2.00 and it's all about California. Jon was in Russian language school in Monterey Bay when we got married. He moved me there a week after our wedding and we felt like we had won the geography lottery. It was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. What a way to start married life - next to an ocean, Big Sur, 17 mile Drive, The famous Lone Cypress, and the quaint towns of Carmel and Pacific Grove. Ahhh...

Now we just need to win a real lottery to be able to live there again.


  1. These are so cool. I adore charm bracelets.

  2. Beautiful ! My MIL has a nice charm bracelet she never wears that has a lot of neat charms on it. I think it is the perfect name for those bracelets because they are charming and lovely ways to remember past people, places and things !

  3. Thanks so much for coming back to my blog. I have missed hearing from you.

    What neat bracelets... We collect t-shirts from most every place we go.. We are getting so many now that we can't find a place to put them... ha ha

    Love that bracelet from France.. Awesome.


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