I lie to my children

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The snowball tree grew in such a way that it created what looked like an igloo. When I was little I would play inside with my dolls and make fairy furniture for the fairies that I thought lived there. Those were magical moments for me.

While I was on a walk with Blair she asked, "Do you believe in fairies?" and even before I could say, "Of course." she said, " 'Cause I do!"

I'm not one to spoil any thoughts about what is "magical" for my kids. Sure, I will even lie about it when they ask if something is real, like fairies or Santa.

I'm guessing it may not be the "right" thing to do by some standards but the day will soon come when the truth is out and I don't think it will be a mind blowing, earth shattering, negative experience for anyone. It will just be what it is -a natural progression of learning. If my kids ever see a therapist it won't be because I told them Santa was real. There are plenty of other ways I have screwed them up I'm sure.

Sometime last year, I found salt all over Reese's windowsill. When I asked him why, he said it was to keep the Sprites away from the Fairies but that he needed more salt. So I bought him a supply, keeping the magic alive one more day. He eventually went on to discover other things and left behind his salty windowsill. Natural progression.

So it was to my delight over the weekend when I saw Charley teaching Blair how to make a fairy house in our backyard just like I had taught her some years before.

I ventured over to have a look and stood back to admire the house's construction. Then I lifted off the bark roof to peek inside.

Yep, it's pretty magical.

See for yourself...

Large pieces of bark and twigs bound together to look like a stump, complete with flag.

Peeking through the top

Fairy dust glistening on the leaf and roof

A peek at the pretty buttons and a trophy cup from a recent birthday party.

What do you/did you tell your childen?


  1. oh, i love this...and agree w/ all your sentiments. I think imagination and magic and the adventure that comes with the two certainly make for an adventurous and magical and exciting childhood. I grew up that way, and totally want to promote it in my kids. I loved the excitement and anticipation and magical wonder I felt as a child regarding Santa or fairies, etc...and the adventure it was to lure/search for them. Anyway...wait till you see what my father in law made for me in this endeavor... :-)

  2. Panda - I'm glad it's not just me! I love all that stuff - I used to make wings and crowns and have tea parties with my cats and dogs (since I was the youngest and had no one to play with!)

    I even built a fort in the woods behind my house, dragging up pieces of plywood out of the garage! I am dying to make the kids a tree house where they can use a bucket to hoist things up...oh childhood - I love it.

    I can't wait to see what he made! I am sooo curious. I'm sure it's fab!

  3. We don't do Santa mainly because in my childhood he wasn't magical and in Andrew's he didn't really have any importance. My parents told us that if we didn't believe we wouldn't get gifts so we had to pretend and every year had to do the song and dance. So I said that my kids will get gifts because I love them and that is that.

    As for fairies and gnomes and talking animals, why not? I just don't like them being used for punishment/to induce good behavior.


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