Off the top of my head

Saturday, October 15, 2011

- Did a little break dancing in the living room. It's hard to spin on your back.

- I sold a piece of mid-century furniture to wedding photographers. They emailed afterward and said to keep them up on other finds. I like that.

- Doing that allowed me to keep another piece that I never really wanted to sell.
That was my master plan. Jon was on to me.

- Friday was National Bald Day. Be proud of your shiny dome!

- Hearing about people's hardships stays with me for a long time.

- Just can't get into the toilet paper art craze.

- Twisted my ankle super bad (not from break dancing) and hobbled around at an event. Kinda bad when you're trying to promote health.

- Dolls made from dried up apples freak me out.

- Was hired to take sports photos in the rain - fun!

- Cried with Reese when he had a bad morning which made Blair cry and then Trae.

- Bought new bracelets made from steer horns from women in Africa.

- Have no idea why I say "Doy burgers" instead of "duh."

- Charley told me her "worst church dance story" involving an ill-mannered dufus and when I retold the story to Jon we decided that he'd go kick his a$%. (JK of course)

- The Way We Were is still my all-time favorite movie.

- Trying to find a 2 day a week daycare facility is hard.

-Unbeknownst to us, Jon and I each led the kids in the Bohemian Rhapsody head shake while we were driving separately. Doing that never gets old.


  1. I love your thoughts and quirks! How did you twist your ankle? You should let me take a look at it. Make sure to ice and elevate it. Sorry about your injury and pain!

  2. That was totally random.
    I loved it!

    I wish you would have taken a picture of the break dancing. You should gien lessons.

  3. Your random tid bits are fun to read.


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