Rollercoaster Roads

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

***Disclaimer: All children were buckled in their seats. There was no oncoming traffic. We did not exceed the speed limit on a stretch of road, only accelerated over a hill for the rollercoaster effect.***

A few weekends ago we were in the Maryland countryside. It was a lovely fall day as trees were bursting with color, perfect for sidestepping the highways and venturing into the country. We used to live in Maryland so it's always a little exciting to go back and play "Remember when" with the kids. I would often take the kids into DC on the train and hang out at the Smithsonian while Jon was at work. That's when we had 3 kids which seems like a lifetime ago.

As we made our way through the back roads, we drove on hilly country lanes which we have always dubbed "rollercoaster" roads. We drove the normal 45 MPH on the flat stretch but accelerated over the hills like we were on a rollercoaster (clear of traffic of course) and raised our arms in the air (except for the driver) and screamed, squealed and laughed. All of us.

It was fun as usual.

And then we went back to being normal.


  1. Such a beautiful road!
    Good for you for having a blast. The kids will remember that one.

  2. Gosh, I was hoping you actually were speeding, so I can feel confident I am not the only one.


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