Room rearranging and Friday finds

Monday, October 24, 2011

A few weeks ago we did the old switcheroo and changed out two rooms of furniture (which was a royal pain in the tookus.)

A little recap and progress:

After the flood in the basement, we decided to bring up the family room sectional into the living room since we seem to congregate there more. After the ill-fated curtain dying project, I ended up putting back the old curtains. Although you can't see it, they have seen hard times so they're on the way out sometime soon.

We finally opened up the carpet we had been saving since our trip to Texas this past Spring (where I purchased it) and rolled it onto the floor. I'm glad we knew we'd use it and didn't pass on the good deal. A sisal rug for only $29.00 - booyah! The other one was sent downstairs since the basement is in need of some kind of floor covering now.

And over the weekend we finally brought up my new favorite thrift store score: a Kent Coffey Perspecta vintage dresser. Again, moving that was a pain too but we learned our lesson and went out the back door and came through the front door, etc, etc. Oh and another favorite thrift store find? The big, round glass lamp on top for $3.99. See it?

Love the details

Now, just a few more tweaks and it'll all be put together, finally. Who knows? I may even have time to decorate for Fall!

Have a good day :)


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  1. I'm excited to see what you come up with! It will be gorgeous of course.

    Heck, don't decorate for fall, just start with the holly jolly season.


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