Thoughts on a 6th birthday

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yesterday, the 26th, Blair turned 6 years old. She woke up to the present she had been hoping for and took in treats to her class.

Besides it being her birthday, it was also our Trunk-or-Treat at church. Our Bishop was talking with her and asked how her day had been. She replied, "Fun!" and he asked her if she got a lot of presents. She said "No, just one." and proceeded to explain what it was.

Then he asked if she had gotten a special dinner. Again she shook her head no as I smiled and said, "This is it" since we were at church during dinner hour.

"Did you have a cake?" he asked. Smiling, she said she was going to have cake when we got home so her dad could be there.

It was sounding pretty pathetic by this time but I watched as Blair was happily answering questions and enjoying the attention. On the way home that night, Blair thanked me for her present. Feeling like I let her down, I reminded her that we'd have the bowling birthday party soon so she could look forward to that. She said that didn't matter because today was "the best birthday ever!"

At that moment a wave of happiness washed out the sadness I had for her and the frustration of a family life so filled with adult responsibilities that takes away from them. It reaffirmed what I have always known about my kids, they are genuinely happy with grateful hearts. And despite what I feel to be my personal failings in other areas, I know my children don't equate how much they have with how happy they feel.

So it was the best birthday ever.

Waiting to go into the delivery room. Hilton Head hospital.

We called Blair our little "glow worm" when she was jaundiced and had to lay on the bili light.

Winter fun

Pointing out summer

My girl


  1. She is such a special, sweet girl with an amazing Mama!

  2. I didn't realise until yesterday that she and Iris had the same birthday. She couldn't share it with a cuter girl. Happy Birthday Blair:)

  3. I totally reaffirm her conversation with the Bishop, she and I had the same talk and she really really seemed soo happy about her special day. Your kids are great! And you are great too! I mean what the heck, I know at 2:00 a.m. when I was dragging Ky into the hospital I did not look even a portion as good as you did and on your fourth kid non the less.


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