A real job - Veterans Day

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day.

Being a military service man or woman is a real job.

It's volunteering at its best.

Not just because there were no other options.

It's hard work and the "benefits" are not free.

They work long hours for those, often deployed or on TDY from their families for lengths at a time and yet they only make a fraction of what they should.

They can never complain or ever voice opinions on wars and tactics even when they want to because ultimately they respect their Commander-in-Chief, whomever it is at the time.

Spouses back home hold down the fort with kids and jobs of their own while thinking of their soldier every minute. It is hard work for them as well.

And some Veterans who were once young and vibrant, saved the whole world.

My uncle Rogelio was just a young 20-something when he was at The Battle of the Bulge and nearly lost his feet to frost bite. He was one of 4 sons that my Grandma Carmen sent off to WWII. They all came home to her only to have another son, Jesus, serve in Korea and be killed at age 19.

My uncle Gary was forced to march two weeks to Nuremberg after he bailed out of his crashing airplane and was captured as a POW. Meanwhile, his brother, my uncle Darwin, was on a battleship in the Pacific.

None of them spoke much about it. They were always humble and gave much praise to those they worked right beside.

I have a soft spot for our Veterans. They truly are American heroes.


  1. Laura, as the wife of a career retired Navy man and daughter of Air Force Vets ( Mom & Dad ) during the Korean War, this post touched my heart and reminded me that service to our country for our freedoms was worth every worry, tear and sacrifice ! Thank you so much !!!


  2. That is an amazing story. You have had Veterans experiences close to you.
    I love this day and I'm so glad there seems to be an upsurge in interest.


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