Wreath rescue

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I really haven't done much for Christmas by way of decorating this year. Time just escaped us. But we did put up the tree and opted for a smaller one this year so the ornaments would stand out a bit more. Next year I'm going back to a larger one since it is now overpowered. I said I wasn't going to buy any this year, but I lied. I bought a few.

I still need to get the kids their ornaments for 2011. I add one every year for each of them so that one day I can present them with their box of childhood ornaments for a tree of their own.

Since I didn't make a swag from the branches that we cut from the tree, I needed a wreath for the door. A quick trip to a thrift store did the trick. I picked up a sad, misshapen wreath for $3.00.

Aww, poor thing.

After de-thrift store-ing it, it looked good as new.

Using what I had on hand, I grabbed some ribbon, a pick that I use on Christmas packages and a pair of old child's skates that I bought at a flea market for a dollar.
After 5 minutes and a little tying here and there, I had a simple, vintage wreath.

The End


  1. Genius I tell you. That's what you are!

  2. That's a great rescue!
    I love it.

    I scaled down big time this year.
    I think I'll be donating a bunch of stuff.

  3. How cute your amazing style !

    We went for nice but smaller this year on decorations and gifts, scaling down the size of our tree and I had to do an upgrade on our wreath also. All I did was fluff it up and put some pretty glitz and pointsettas on it and looked as good as new.

    I totally enjoy your blog and all the neat things you share...makes me happy to read about all the fun your family has and the things you make !!!

    Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year's !


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