A weekend away

Monday, December 19, 2011

An anniversary weekend in DC...

On Friday night we went to dinner at the Rio Grande. Just Jon and me.

I was smitten with the oversized pottery there. Oh and the food was good too.
Saturday morning we bundled the kids up, hopped on the Metro and went to see the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington and to watch the changing of the guard. They were mesmerized. We all were.

Trae at the eternal flame where he jumped the chain and tried to make a beeline for the fire.
Saturday afternoon (our anniversary) we shipped the kids back to the hotel and Jon took me to the National Gallery and the Hirshhorn. I was in heaven. I had a perma smile the whole time we were in the Gallery. This is the only DaVinci in the Western Hemisphere.

At The Hirshhorn we saw the Andy Warhol Shadows exhibit. That was pretty cool too. Some of the other sculptures and art, we deemed, were done on some bad acid trips.

Afterward we went to a street vendor, ordered hot dogs and pretzels and toasted ourselves to 18 years.

Some others paintings I liked:
Snow in New York, American, 1902
Agostina, French, 1866. I love her.

Jon admiring some work. I love him.

The Beach at Villerville, French, 1864

The Bedroom, Dutch, 1658-1660
3 year-old view, American, 2011

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  1. We went to the National Gallery on our anniversary too! I was surprised by how much Andrew seemed to enjoy it. I love art museums but never thought my husband would be at all interested. Was I wrong! Just goes to show you that even after 7 or 18 years you can still learn new things about those you love.



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