When a simple project goes wrong

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So a simple, 30 minute project blew up in our face over the weekend. Does that ever happen to you?

I was at the computer finishing up some photo editing when Jon started looking in the tool/home improvement closet. Then a few minutes later he asked me to open the front door and up the stairs he came with the old bathroom sink and vanity. I thought this was super cool. I was going to have my nice, new vanity installed. I was glad this was going so quickly because I still needed to get ready for our dinner out with friends.

He called me in to take a look at the vanity and its placement. It was a go. So he began to drill into the wall, using the template left by the old cabinet. The vanity wasn't sitting right because nothing in this house is square so he made an adjustment and started to attach the vanity to the wall again. Suddenly, we heard a hissing sound as if we just disturbed a snake living in the wall. The sound was fairly soft and then became increasingly loud.

Our realization was reached at the same time: We just drilled right into the water line.

Jon bounded into the other room to shut off the water. Unfortunately when the room was carpeted, the door to the water valve was obstructed by the thick carpet. So Jon had to break the door to get to it. Finally it was shut off and we began to assess the new problem.

But in order to do that correctly, half of the wall had to come down. So while he made a trip to buy plumbing supplies at True Value, yours truly got to the demo. With every hit of the hammer against the wall, I was thinking that a labor intensive drywall project was now planned for sometime during my busiest week yet. Luckily, that thought restrained me from taking down the whole wall which I had ripped up and cleaned before he returned.

After a few hours of watching and helping Jon re-work the plumbing, I was finally able to get into the shower and to our friend's house by 6:45 so all was well. We told them of our fiasco and they told us theirs so we feel better that our boat has really good company.


  1. I am so sorry!!!! No fair.
    Every home project we do manages to turn into something much more than we bargained for.

    Well, the new vanity will look nice. I hope we get to see it.

  2. OMGosh Laura,

    You just never know what will happen with a home project. My Hubs put in a new bathroom light / fan combo and it works great but we have popcorn ceilings and he gauged a chunk out during the looks awful. So now he has to buy an attractive wood boarder, paint it white and cover up the hole. It always costs more no matter how well you plan..I have gotten used glitches and expect them AND I wouldn't trade my Mr. Fix-it for anything !!!

    Thanks for you wonderful comment on my made my day !

  3. Eeep! While we haven't had anything that like that happen (yet) we have had some instances where good intentions have gone very, very wrong. It totally bursts my productivity bubble.


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