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Monday, January 16, 2012

What do you think of people who go on and on about their kids?

The reason I ask is because I just received an e-mail about the Rotary Club essay contest and how this would be a great thing for the youth of my church to enter. The first thought in my head was, "Of course! It's a great community event, Belén placed in that a few years ago." And then the thought hit me that no one ever knew that. I guess I never said anything. And then I remembered that Charley won the Dare essay contest as well, and no one knew that either.

So the question is, when do I announce these things? (besides 3 years later here on a little blog) Or do I even need to? Am I doing them a disservice by not making a more public statement? But I know my daughters and they would absolutely say it was no big deal. So for whom am I making an announcement? Do I want people to think that my kids are really great or do I want people to think that I'm really great for having kids make these accomplishments?

Really, do those types of things matter? Am I just over thinking this all?

They are nice but we tell our kids that their actions speak louder anyway so their best accomplishment would always be that they are polite people who know how to speak with adults.

And so, those other accomplishments are just enjoyed over a molten, chocolate lava sundae, without any fanfare. I don't even think we could locate the awards anymore. I'm sure they are in a box somewhere.

BTW - I actually have some craft projects almost done! The schedule has not allowed me to get them done as quickly as I wanted but today the kids are home and I don't have to go out so much. I better get a move on!


  1. This is a touchy subject. Parents should be proud of their kids accomplishments and laud them...some parents hit just the right notes, others go a bit overboard !

    I have awards in the attic and the garage that our kids have won over the years ( especially one of them, who overachieved on everything ) They were once on a wall until that overachiever child asked me to take them all down and put them away somewhere.

    I learned a good lesson on being grateful but also humble from that child... the successes, sense of accomplishment and the feelings connected with those special times of recognition were enough and didn't need to be broadcast to everyone everywhere all the time.

  2. I LOVE when close friends and family do. I expect it/want it from them, and want to and like to celebrate with them--even the small accomplishments, let alone the big. But please note, I said CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. :-) Pearls before swine baby.

    I agree w/ your actions are louder than words. When I don't know someone and they try to tell me who/what they are all about, I want to point my finger in their face, while running away, crying "Liar! Poser! Faker!" :-) It's a huge turn off/red flag...but wait, what were we talking about? Actions speak louder than words?
    Oh, yes.
    And, your kids ARE pretty amazing. :-)

  3. Your kids are great. And for me - I rave about my kids when I am so excited I can't keep it in. And I don't when I can. And sometimes "big" things go unnoticed or unspoken but that's they way I work.


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