A winter girl

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Charley,

While your hair and your name tend to set you apart, it's really your concern for those that need extra care, respect for others and love for your family that will always get you noticed. You are a quality person. You could be taught in the finest academic institutions and go on to have the most prestigious career but without you being a quality person, it would be useless.

I hope you continue to recognize, use and enhance your God-given strengths. Charity is not something so easily given and for most, it's a learned behaviour. But for you it was given when God kissed your head and sent you on your way. You are a lucky one.

I love it when a person from your school will ask me somewhere, like at the grocery store, "Are you Charley's mom??" and when I say yes, they say, "Oh, I looove Charley!"
I tell them we feel the same way. So do your brothers and sisters. They love you forever.

Forever - I never tire of thinking in those terms. I hope you don't either.

Happy birthday, Charley.

Love you, Momma.

With Belén and me, 1 hour old, Texas

5 months old, Utah

14 years-old, Pennsylvania

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