Zombie bathroom project

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We only have the weekend to work on the bathroom but because the weekends can be just as busy as the weekday, we keep getting stalled. After looking over the space and assessing all that still needs to be done, I realized that my mud and taping drywall ability (or lack thereof) is not up to par. I couldn't get the seam right above the sink to come together smoothly and it was going to stare me in the face everyday. I painted the wall but no amount of paint was going to mask it.

I had a lipstick on a pig situation here.

I needed a solution quickly. Since we moved in we have wanted to do a high board and batten treatment (similar to picture on left) throughout the house like our friends did in their beach house 6 years ago. Since the bathroom is a small space, it's the perfect place to test my skills at installing a whole wall of moulding and cover the 2nd grade drywall job. We've installed chair rail before so this shouldn't be too much different.

So, off to the home improvement store Trae and I went and came back with nicely ripped 4" wide strips of exterior grade wood. Although I just extended the life of this project, which is why I call it the "zombie bathroom" because it just won't die already!, it'll be better for it. And it won't bug me anymore...
So until that is finished, I'll show some of the components on my board below that I am waiting to install.

Any zombie projects in your life?


Have a good day! ~Laura

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