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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

- Taught a class for the Library again. Then while I was at the Library for work work, they asked me to teach a class next month. Time to start creating.

- Jon took Blair to a birthday party and she came home with a fun goody bag. Jon came back with a fun one too: fresh free-range eggs. Our friends who hosted the party gave them to him. Nice, huh?

- I don't like it when the kids put an empty carton of something back on the shelf. They're going to be bummed when they open the freezer and pull out the ice cream tomorrow. Paybacks.

-As I was dressing Trae today, he asked how old he was, meaning what number was on his shirt. I don't correct him on his speech. It's just too precious. It was number 72 so I told him and he went happily down the hall saying, "Yay, I'm 72 years old today!!" with karate chop sound effects. Three year-old boys are awesome.

- Adult drama is just juvenile drama starring old people.

- Snuck away with Jon to get some sushi one night and then snuck away to our favorite coffee shop another night. I love spontaneous, small outings like that.

- My nephew is leaving today on a church mission to Germany. I remember when he was born in Germany when I was in Japan. Time flies.

- We put the flooring down in the bathroom and it looks great. I keep walking around in there for no reason.


  1. My favorite? Empty ice cream carton in the freezer! Go you!

  2. I love the ice cream payback! I'm going to have to come to one of your library classes sometime.


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