Patched and painting progress

Monday, February 6, 2012

I get easily sucked into the vortex that is a home improvement store. I love them. I love going through the lighting aisle and then the tile aisle (rhymes) and then the paint and tools. I'm convinced a pneumatic nail gun would complete my life. I think I have enough paint chips where if you ever needed color advice, I could just whip them out like the pros. My kids always pick up the Mickey mouse paint chips. I'm this close (fingers measuring a half-inch) to using them as Valentines.

We're still working on the basement bathroom but we're nearing completion. I got an inside scoop on some rubber-backed flooring at HD so I had to check it out. It's "DIY friendly" which means no gluing. Just the thought of that alone makes me want to break into a Liza Minnelli song. I don't know any but I picture her singing big and booming and all Broadway-like. That will be me when we cut the flooring to fit and install. If we ever have another Hurricane Irene or Lee or whatever it would be named next time, all we do is pick up the floor and dry it out. That is friendly material.

All those color swatches I mentioned didn't work on me this time. We went for your basic white. That's some out of the box thinking there, I know, but it's a small room with no windows so I'm going for high contrast. I can always change it later if it doesn't come together. I don't mind another trip to the home store.

So far:

1. Oops - cut the water line. Tore out wall.

2. Replaced drywall and ripped out light and mirror.

3. Mud, taped and painted new wall.

The other side had the heater torn out, towel bar and other items removed and has been freshly patched and painted. New moulding, shelves and accessories are waiting in the wings...


  1. Wow, you guys are hardcore do-it-yourself-ers...I'm so impressed and can't wait to see the finished product !!!

  2. I just love reading your blog. Your voice and style are so fun and encouraging. Just wanted you to know!

  3. NB - I'm hoping this weekend we will finish. It's the only time of week where we can get a few hours in.

    Carrie - that is so sweet. You just made my day.


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