Budget beauty - bathroom

Thursday, March 1, 2012

We'll be working on the basement bathroom remodel this weekend. Saturday is really the only day that we have to get anything done and that is pushing it most times. Last weekend we played but this weekend we're all over it. We have accomplished a few things. Take a look...

{The sink is in.}
We found it just sitting in the Garden tool aisle at Lowes a looong time ago, way before the flood. It was marked $25.00. The sink was on a shelf a few feet away. A worker just happened to be walking by and we asked if we just take it to the counter. As an after thought, I asked if there was hardware with it anywhere. He said he didn't think so and then bent down and marked it to $20.00 because of it. We didn't even ask or think of it. Pretty nice of him. I still have to install the knobs.

{New faucet}

Nice and shiny, looks good but was only $12.00 at Home Depot, hello.

{New flooring underfoot}

For $103.00 we were able to put down a hardwood look-a-like. It's rubber backed and does not have to be glued down. So if we ever experience a flood again (knock on real wood) we'll just pull it up, wash it off, dry it out and put it back in. Could it be any easier?
Bathmat - West Elm, $16.00

{New/old accessory}
I found this little guy at an antique mall for $3.00. I like having unique accessories and when they are so inexpensive, they're easier to switch out. But for now, he's a keeper.
When this is all said and done, we will be waaay under budget which is why I have changed it up and am going with a different light, not your standard light. It's going to be cool.

More later.

Have a great day!


  1. It looks so cute!!!! Quite awesome bargains. You rock!

  2. Hi, maybe I missed this, but what kind of flooring is it (name) and where did you purchase it. I would love to do this in our new home, the bath's have an unflatterly vinyl tile right now. Thanks in advance!

  3. K. Nicole - thanks for your question. I can't remember the exact name but I will find out for you. I know it's called a "Loose lay flooring" at Home Depot and are the ones that are in big rolls that they cut for you. You can just put it right over any surface. It's so easy.


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