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Saturday, March 24, 2012

In my church we are encouraged to have Family Home Evening {FHE} every week, usually on Mondays. It began in 1915 as a way of families to be together and focus on each other to strengthen the bond of family relationships. This was done by individual families singing, teaching a lesson that would be pertinent to their family, having an activity and refreshments - can't forget those!

The ideal

Our reality

We are a busy church with so many people in activities and job responsibilities so in 1970, church leadership asked local leaders across the country to clear their church buildings from meetings. Doing this would alleviate interruptions to a family night. And thus the Monday night designation for Family Home Evening was born.

I know we are not the only ones who take part in a family night so I think it's great that so many churches support some sort of family time each week.

Because our casa is a whirlwind with children participating in various sports and clubs and all with different needs and levels of understanding, we have to keep our Family Home Evening simple.

Some times we hold it on Mondays and sometimes it's another day. Sometimes we just tell each other how our day has gone and everyone gives each other advice, even the little ones. Sometimes we just grab our scriptures and talk about a favorite passage. Sometimes the lesson is 3 minutes and we play charades. Sometimes it is more in depth with conversations geared more toward the teens. And sometimes one of the kids is not paying attention and runs around in his underwear. Yes, Trae man.

We do always have a prayer and our "silly song" segment which is a favorite. It's not an official FHE without those songs in our house. One week Jon's silly song was, "There's a hole in the bottom of the sea" and we sang it faster and faster each time, erupting in laughter.
But one of my favorite things on the agenda was our FHE journal writing project.

Each week I would give everyone a paper and we would make short journal entries of our day. Some of the kids were too young to write so I had them draw a picture of what they did or were thinking about. I also included our meeting agenda to keep a record of who did what and put it all together in a 3 ring binder. I got out of the habit of doing it but ran across them the other day and I realized that it is something I need to keep doing. It was fun to read and see a written history of a short moment in time.

It's a short moment that can make a world of difference.

Enjoy your family time any which way you make it happen!

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