A little stump side table

Monday, March 26, 2012



No "after" yet.

In between work and other projects, like digging up grass and installing edging and shoveling two loads of mulch/barkdust into the front flower bed (which we decided to extend around the side of the house-whew!) I am still working on this side-table-to-be with the help of my trusty little mouse sander. I have a really large stump that I wanted to work on but I decided to give this a try first.

It's eating up a lot of sandpaper to take down the rough surface but it's revealing a nice, blond color underneath. And another bonus - it won't stab you with its jagged edges when you accidentally brush by it. Six more sheets and it should be done.

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  1. That should be a fun table to see!
    Looking forward to the finish product!


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