Basket hunt

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter weekend was a flurry of activity.

It started on Thursday night for us by going on a two-day trip to Washington DC. I am still somewhat tired from it all but it was really good. Because we were away and I didn't prepare well enough, the Easter bunny didn't hide eggs this year. He had to hurry to prepare baskets and hid them outside while I got dinner ready.

Jon and I stood on the deck and watched as the kids ran around the yard.
He dubbed it the "white trash" hunt because while we saw other kids' Easter pictures with their Sunday best, two of my children wore no Sunday best, at all. Trae took off his clothes the minute he stepped through the door and didn't want to put them back on so he just ran outside in his underwear.

And then Blair changed into her unmatched pajamas and bright pink fuzzy slippers and put on a sequined cap. They both were unaware of their ridiculousness as they searched for their baskets.

I did redeem myself by setting a pretty table for dinner. For the past month I collected little figures (smalls) to set at each place setting rather than having written place cards. I was looking for something Spring-like and inexpensive. Enter the antique mall. The kids were really happy as they sat down and picked their favorite and now they want me to do this for every holiday dinner. I don't mind that at all.

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  1. Hey, Laura! :) It was so good to hear from you. Looks like you had a beautiful day. And how exciting that you've gone full into the photography thing. Your site is beautiful!


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