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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a corner of the back yard.

**This was to be my Valentine's post but I didn't quite know how to finish so I didn't share. But, I decided to share anyway. Enjoy.

The house was quiet with all three kids taking a nap. I turned off the tv and listened to the stillness. Sinking deep into the comfortable leather chair that had been broken in over time, I looked out to the large picture window. To say it was large would be an understatement. It was massive, taking up almost the whole wall. I sat contemplating all that had gone on over the summer. The three months work of going through every single personal belonging in ones life was not an easy task. And the clearing, cataloguing, and distributing items along with cleaning and sprucing up a house to be sale-ready was a full-time job. At times it was overwhelming and I doubted my abilities to get it done. Soon though, I told myself, it would be over and done on time and we could fly back home to Jon and our other two children who stayed back with him in Pennsylvania.

My mind wandered as I stared out the window. Occasionally a car would drive past very slowly. I presumed they were taking a look at the "For Sale" sign in our front yard. It was a cute brick cottage on a tree-lined street with a half-acre backyard. Its sale was garnering a lot of attention.

A prime location in Logan, Utah and the unusual farm-like space out back was worth every penny I was asking for, maybe more really. Every Thursday I would go to the edge of the property and open up the water gates and flood the ground with fresh mountain water. Owning water rights was a commodity. I kicked myself for purchasing a home out East and tying us to that area when this house would have been a dream. I would have only been a day's drive from family. Originally we had planned on buying it years before but we decided to take the job transfer to Pennsylvania. My mom was so sad about that.

One car that drove by was going really slow. I thought maybe they were going to stop and then I thought they were running out of gas since it seemed to be inching down the road. I noticed the right turn signal was blinking so I knew it was not stopping. In order to come into my driveway, it would have to signal left. I waited to see where it would turn and watched as it began to turn into the driveway right across the street from my window. I was fixated on how slowly it was going and I surmised that it must be the elderly couple that my mom spoke of from time to time. They were well into their 80's.

I watched as their garage door automatically lifted and how the car pulled in to the immaculate space. There wasn't even a box to be seen, only a freezer and coat rack. It was a far cry from the garage that had just taken me months to unpack. The sun shine was coming from the East and gave direct light onto them.

From the driver's side stepped out an elderly man carrying a paper shopping bag with handles. His steps were short and shuffled. Time had slowed him. He came around the back of the car to the passenger side. With his right hand he gently opened the door. Reaching in with his left, he took the purse from his wife and was now holding two bags. How sweet, I thought, that he would make it easier for her to exit the vehicle. After pushing the door further open he extended his right hand and took his beloved's hand in his as he guided her out of the car. She was smartly dressed. A thin woman with a cream colored a-line skirt and long-sleeved blue flowered blouse. A light sweater covered her shoulders. It was the middle of summer but in the desert, the cool nights can leave you with a chill.

As she stepped out of the car, she smoothed out her skirt and smiled up at her husband. He took a small step toward her, leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. She smiled at him again and gently touched his face. I imagined she said something about their past, and maybe how handsome he still was, just like when they were young. They were still looking at each other, smiling as she fixed his collar. She stepped away from the car so he could shut the door. Turning back to her they each reached to hold hands and walked to the other side of the garage. With bags still in one hand, he reached up and pushed the garage door opener that was fastened to the wall, never letting go of her hand. I watched the door slowly go down, hearing the familiar whirl of its motor through an open window. My gaze was only interrupted by the single tear that fell from my cheek.

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  1. Oh my goodness what a beautiful story. I love LOVE! I'm so glad that you and Jon are together, and here in PA with us!


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