Friday finds

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

While I'd normally post about something cool that I picked up while out at my favorite haunts (which I did find by the way) today's Friday Finds is not about that.

I was out on some work related errands on Friday and surprised a flower shop with a cake since they donated a beautiful plant to the Ladies Night event. The owner also steered me in the direction of another contact that has since become a business client of the office where I am employed. So after I was done talking with them and taking pictures for a write-up, I headed for my car. The weather was a little blustery and my hair was whipping up all around me. I thought I heard my name being called and then heard someone say, "Wait, wait!" As I turned around the owner of the store ran over and handed me a beautiful rose. It made my day.

So today's Friday Find is a little kindness in my corner of the world.

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