Mother's Day Tea - Kindergarten style

Saturday, May 12, 2012

On Thursday was the big treat for mothers in Blair's Kindergarten class. I picked up Belén from school a little early so she could be home with Trae since this party was during the last 45 minutes of school. A crowded classroom and a 4 year-old who would want to go into the playhouse and bang pots and pans gave me visions of chasing him around the room and missing their performance. So it was better I left him.

I headed off to the school and realized 3 streets over that I had forgotten my camera so I quickly headed back home. Luckily we live a 3 minute drive from school but it still put me behind. I signed in to the school 7 minutes late and I knew Blair was going to be worried. I hoped the whole time that she could keep it together but I know my little tender hearted girl, it would be hard for her. She'd smile but with big tears in her eyes.

When I got to the room, I saw some of my mom friends motion to me and could read their lips saying, "She's here!" to Blair. I walked in at the last part of their first song and Blair was singing but with a worried face and big tears. She came right over and hugged me and I told her I was really sorry but never doubt I would always support her and then I reminded us to be mindful of those children whose mom's couldn't be here. Teaching moments...

The class went on to sing us more songs, give us Mother's day gifts and serve snacks and drinks. They even recited a poem with each child memorizing and saying their own line.

I told Blair that she could make herself a plate while she made one for me, like the other kids were doing, but she didn't want to do that. She said for me to just sit down so she could serve me. Doing that caused her to stand in line all over again for herself but she waited patiently and with cheerfulness and it made me so happy to see her strength. I love being a mom.


  1. And you are such a great one at that!

  2. That was so beautiful and sweet! I really love it when acts of service accompany mothers day. Women don't want gifts, sweet though they are, they want love.


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