Friday (the 13th) Finds were not unlucky

Friday, July 13, 2012

I scored a few deals on some things that I didn't even set out to find in my travels today. They seemed to all be kitchen related too, except for the sweet Craftsman jig saw I got at a garage sale...

But the kitchen stuff had me extra giddy when I saw a Polka dot Pyrex. I won't even tell you how much because you'd cry. It was that cheap.

...and the old bottle holder. I scooped it right up thinking it could house some of my big oil bottles for cooking or maybe some colorful bottles as vases or just hold some water bottles for now. It's a little delicate so I can't really cart it around. She'll just have to stay put and look pretty.

and then there were some other things but they'll have to wait until next time. Tomorrow I may even see if the lucky streak continues. Just looking of course.

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