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Monday, August 27, 2012

School starts in 7 hours and I'm not even ready. The summer has flown. It was nice having a lazy schedule with the kids. Maybe too lazy since I failed to get them all ready?? But just like everything else, I suppose, it'll work out.

The week at our local Elizabethtown Fair and the fireworks display signaled the end of the season for us. The nature of Jon's work is such that we don't really get in a lot of summer fun. While some women are football widows, I feel more like a summer widow because the hotel demands so much time from him. I tend to look forward to Fall a little bit more because of that (and sharing football season with him.)

I'm also looking forward to spending time alone with Trae man and seeing Blair become a big, full-time elementary school girl but a little sad that this is Belén's last year of high school. Everywhere I look it's a little bittersweet for me but I just have to remember to be thankful and enjoy.

So here's to the summer that was and the Fall that will be!

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