Leaves of green

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A month ago I cut a big Elephant ear leaf (Colocasia) from the planter boxes at Jon's work. (I sought permission from the boss.) The large single leaf with a long stem looked great in the vase.

It lasted a whole month and up until last week, still had a nice shiny color. When it decided to finally give up I went back for another. They had grown a lot over the summer so the smallest one I could find was still too overscale for the vase.

The stem was so thick I had to cut it short just to fit in the narrow neck of the vase. That meant filling the pot-bellied vase full of water so the stem could reach. After I did that I remembered I had a large cylindrical vase that would have been perfect. But at least the littler kids won't try to pick it up. If they could they would be the world's strongest kids.

All this for bringing in some green...

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