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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A few months ago a great couple from church, Jordan and Erin, asked if I could help get them in to local venues where Jordan's vocal talent could be showcased. Music is a passion they want to pursue. Of course without thinking, I said "sure!" And in return, Erin would design a logo for me. Again, "Sure!"

I never really know how to go about anything but I don't think it's ever too hard to figure out. And in a small town, you can always find people who are willing to help get an idea off the ground. That's one thing I love about small towns.

So I knew just where to start for this concert promoter thing - the local Library. They have a coffee shop and are always looking for ways to promote it which helps sustain the library. States are notorious for cutting those budgets. And since I help out the library with a few other things, this was an easy task. They were game!

The first concert he gave was in the quaint coffee shop but I felt we would quickly run out of space another time. So the unused courtyard in the back of the library came to mind and thus, the outdoor concert was born. It was fun being out in the cool autumn-like air and listening to music under the stars. Who doesn't love that??

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