Gathering for autumn displays - Union Mill Acres

Monday, October 15, 2012

When I was young we were forever going somewhere, anywhere, to just get out and explore. Even if my mom was just going to the corner store, we all darted out to the car as if we'd been cooped up for months and this was our only escape. Even now I tell my kids, 'Please, act like you've been in public before" because they are loud and crazy and act like they're limited in outings of any kind. When they hear the sound of me taking the keys off the hook, they come running to see where I am going, every one of them. I guess it's in their nature.

I still like to go and see what's around and this time of year I can always find something that will make us happy. For us it's festivals, craft fairs, walking trails, farms, football games, pumpkin patches, hay rides; anything Autumn.

We went to a little place in the country (which is pretty much any direction you go here) and stocked up on gourds, pumpkins and mums. Union Mill Acres was adorable and the people were friendly and helpful. There was a great assortment of everything you need for fall displays and the prices were the best around unless you go to the auction directly.

What a great place. Just see for yourself...

A barn with more things for sale. This would be my dream, having a barn on property to have a little shop!
Blair picking out a pumpkin
A topiary of gourds and pumpkins, good price too.
Cinderella pumpkins - my favorite
Gourd crazy
Trae pulling the mums for me until he discovered the sand box (upper right corner)

Handsome hubby carrying Blair's pick
So clever. I have never seen this before.

I hope you are enjoying this season as much as I am - hopefully even more!


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